How do I order the right colour?

How do I order the right colour?

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Do you want to order white or coloured paint?

Most of the paints we sell come in two options: in white and in colour. It goes without saying that, if you wish to order coloured paint, you have to select the coloured option, even if you want to order our 'pure white' RAL 9010. White means ‘without any pigment’ so if you wish to obtain white paint, you have to select the white version of the product!

Ordering coloured paint

Colouring your paint of choice in your preferred colour is not difficult. Having your paint coloured in your favourite shade is easy. Simply go to the product page of the paint you want to order and enter the colour code in the field 'colour code'.

To make sure you get the right colour, please be as complete as possible. So instead of "9005", put "RAL 9005"  or "Flexa 1050" instead of "1050". You can also enter the name of the colour, if that's easier for you. Just try to be as complete as possible.

If we are not sure what colour you wish to order, we will make sure to contact you.

Find out more about colour codes and how to find them here.


When you can't add a colour code

Some products are (only) available in preselected colours that are usually already mixed in the factory ('ready mix'). With those products, you'll find a drop-down menu to select your preferred colour from.

No drop-down menu either? Then you're probably just looking at white paint. You can find the colour variant in the related products below or by looking it up.

If you're at the right product page, but can't add a colour code because you simply don't have one, you might find this page to come in handy. 

Attention: screens do not (always) provide an accurate representation of the colour. We therefore advise you to rent or buy a colour chart to see the colour. 


Should you still have any doubts or questions after reading this article, feel free to reach out to us so we can assist!


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