Where's my order at?

Where's my order at?

Team Tintrio Team Tintrio

This is what happens after you place an order:

  1. You receive an order confirmation. That means we've received your order and will start processing it.
  2. You receive a shipping confirmation. That means we've processed your order and it's now ready to be shipped. It's probably still with us, waiting for the deliverer to come pick it up. 
  3. You receive a track & trace code. Your order is registered with our delivery service and is or was picked up by them. It's on its way to you, or will be shortly. You may notice the delivery status remains unchanged for a while, as it only changes when the parcel(s) reach(es) the sorting center and get their first scan there. After that, you can continue to follow up on the whereabouts of your order through the track & trace service.

Important: please notify us if it takes really long for the status to change! We don't receive any notifications on that, so if you don't contact us, we won't even know you still don't have your order. If you do contact us, we can look into it for you and find a way to help you out.




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