How to pay with eco vouchers

How to pay with eco vouchers

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♻️ At Tintrio, you can buy certain products with Monizze eco vouchers if you live in Belgium.


Eligible products

Paint certified with the EU Ecolabel can be paid for with digital eco-vouchers.

White water-based paint often fits into this category. Can't find ecological products?

Then check out this link:


Guide: paying with eco-vouchers

  1. Go to your favourite product certified with the EU Ecolabel
  2. Put it in your shopping cart
  3. Click on finish order
  4. Select 'Eco-vouchers' as method of payment
  5. Finally, click through to order and pay and you will be directed to the Monizze site/app


Are there any transaction costs involved?

Every webshop automatically charges transaction fees when you choose this payment option. We are very transparent about this, with us you will find this small amount in your shopping cart. The transaction costs are always 3.5% on the purchased ecological product.

e.g. You order a product with EU Ecolabel at the price of €22.45 then a small amount of €0.79 will be added. (=3,5%)


*We are currently not able to accept other eco vouchers (Edenred, Sodexo), but we hope to change this soon.

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