How does renting a colour fan work?

How does renting a colour fan work?

Team Tintrio Team Tintrio

This is how you get your rental colour chart:

  • Order it from our webshop as if it were any other product. Your order will be the renting agreement instead of the purchase agreement. 
  • If you add the chart to your cart, you'll see a higher price than what's listed on the product page. This is the total of:
    • one month's rent (which is what you see on the product page)
    • a shipping fee (€ 4,95)
    • a deposit (€ 85) (you'll get that back)

"How long can I keep the colour fan?"

By default, we charge you with one month's rent. That means we expect you to return it within a month. You could keep it longer, but then we'll have to charge you again. If you know beforehand you'll be needing it for a longer period of time, then please tell us. 

You'll get your € 85 deposit back when you send the colour chart back to us within a month and in good condition.

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