Where can I find the right colour code?

Where can I find the right colour code?

Team Tintrio Team Tintrio

Do you have absolutely no idea what colour to order?

Then it’s best to use a colour chart first! You will find the colour codes next to the blocks of colour. You can order or rent one at Tintrio.

Do you already have a bit of an idea of the colour you wish to order? 

Even then it is still handy to buy or rent one of our colour charts so that you can find the exact colour you want with its colour code.

There are also a few online colour tools you can check out. We linked some of the most important ones here :  

Please note that we cannot create screen colours.

Do you know the colour’s name, but not its code?

No problem! You can use the name to order the colour as well. If we're not 100% sure what colour it is you wish to order, we will make sure to contact you as soon as possible.



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