How can I find the exact same shade I used to paint before?

How can I find the exact same shade I used to paint before?

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Quite regularly, we receive a photo of a customer asking us if we can identify the colour of something previously painted. As much as we would love to have super colour vision, sadly we don't have the ability to identify a colour on sight. 

When we look at a photo on our screen, the colours are highly likely to be rendered differently than in reality. Moreover, photos shot at clear daylight often show a different colour tone than photos shot during twilight or cloudy weather. 

So, if you're asking us to receive the exact same colour as in the photo, it's just too much of a risk you won't, which we obviously want to avoid!

Okay, but how to find the exact same colour then?

1. Look at your old paint can

If you still have it somewhere, look at the paint can you used last time. Coloured paint usually has a label on it, on which the colour code is mentioned. You can use that colour code to order the same colour. 

2. Check your account

Did you order the paint you used last time at deverfwebshop? Then, you could have a look at your order history, in your account, to find the colour code. If you need help, we could also look into your order history for you. Feel free to contact us

3. Use a colour chart

A third option is to purchase or rent a colour chart. It allows you to compare several shades live against the original colour. Write down the colour code you can find alongside the shade to order the correct colour. 

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