Is returning going to cost me anything?

Is returning going to cost me anything?

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Our bad?

If you're returning an item or an order because we made a mistake and sent you the wrong colour or product, you obviously won't have to pay anything! We'll provide you with a return label if you contact us

Transport damage?

If you're returning your order due to severe transport damage, you won't have to pay anything either. We'll send you a return label if you contact us and we'll contact our delivery service. 

You don't have to contact us if there's only minor damage(s) to the packaging, and you're still able to use the product. A dent in the paint can does not make the paint go bad! ;) You can of course contact us if you're not sure.  

Ordered too much or changed your mind?

Are you returning your order for reasons of your own? Then we'll have to ask you to carry the costs of the return shipment. That means you'll be providing your own return label, at your expense.


Read more about returning orders here. 

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