Can I change my order afterwards?

Can I change my order afterwards?

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Oh no... You've JUST finished placing your order when you notice a typo in the colour code you entered. After hitting the order button, you realise you forgot to add a brush. Or maybe you ordered 1 L instead of 10, or the other way around. You just hope you can still change your order! So, can you? 


The answer is: yes, you can, but be quick. Especially when you've ordered a mix colour paint, because once we've made your colour we can no longer change your order. It's always best to give us a call. If you're ordering in the evening, during the weekend or on a national holiday, then we ask to send an e-mail to or with "ORDER CHANGE" in capital letters, so we'll notice it right away the next working day.


Obviously, once your order is shipped, we can't adapt it anymore either. If you need any additional items, you can always contact us and we'll see what we can do.

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